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Power fencing is a relatively new concept, which when professionally erected, will protect your crps from cattle, theft and wild animals. The safety aspect of solar powered systems is that it is not connected to A.C mains for battery charging. Particularly in the tropics, where thunder storms are common, it os advisable to have a system, that is independent of the power grid. It is illegal to connect the fence with E.B power. If you are charging the battery with EB power, some times , the EB power may enter the fence. So it is legal and correct to use solar power fencing. Solar charging renders the system low maintenance and the battery life is extended over 5 years.

  • Low Cost
  • State-of-The-Art-Technology
  • ISO 9002 company components
  • Energy saving technology
  • Fence level display systems
  • Environment Friendly
  • Availability of local service personnel
  • Bank loan available
Solar Fencing System consist of the following main components
  • Conforms to BIS Standard specification 302-2-7-6 Certificate received from Central Government Organization.
  • Micro Processor based Control Energizer.
  • ON/OFF can be done by remote control. *
  • Indicator can be provided to see the Output Current. *
  • Automatic ON/OFF Timer can be provided. *
  • Battery Level Indicator can be provided. *
  • Shock/Rust proof Fiber Cabinet. Top>>
Fence Wire
  • TATA high Carbon GI Wires are fixed, which can not be cut by Ordinary Cutters. Top>>
Fence Alarm
  • When animal touch the fence wire/cut the fence wire immediately you will hear. Top>>
  • Poly propylene/Nylon Virgin UV Stabilized. Top>>
Wire Tightner
  • Special aluminum aloy designed for 250 kgs/feet breaking force. Top>>
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