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How The Jai Solar Power Packs Works?

During day time solar PV array generates DC powered and energy produced is stored in the battery bank. Battery charging done through the a solar charge controller to effectively maximize charging current and to prevent excessive discharge/overcharge .Energy stored in the battery is drawn by the electrical loads through the inventor which converts the DC power in the AC. the power conditioning unit (PCU) continuously monitors the state of battery voltage solar power outputs and loads. Due to the sub stained usage of the power when the battery voltage falls below a present level the pcu will automatically cut off the battery banks from the loads. The battery bank is also designed to feed the loads for 2 days even during cloudy and NO-SUN days the battery bank shall be discharged up to 80% of DOD (Depth of Discharge) at the end of 2 days autonomy. The PCU has in –built protection for short circuit reserve polarity low battery voltage and over loaded..

Salient Features
  • Investment in solar power is eligible for 100% depreciation.
  • A clean, silent and eco-friendly source of power Availibility: Greater than 85%.
  • Solar Modules convert sunlight into electricity and store it in batteries.
  • Negligible maintenance as there is no moving parts.
  • Long life person for solar module, No recurring fuel cost.
  • Advanced Features allow remote control and power plant monitoring (optional).
  • Can be installed at point-of –use to avoid transmission losses.
  • Modular design Simple installation: can be mounted on ground or roof.Top>>

Techniical Specifications

  Model  Module Capacity   Battery Charge Controller  Inverter  Load
12V 130AH
12V 10A
150W for 3hrs Operation Tubelight - 2 Fan -1
24V 130AH
12V 10A
230W for 4hrs Operation Tubelight - 4 fan -1
24V 200AH
24V 15A
340W for 3hrs Operation Tubelight - 5 Fan - 2
24V 270AH
24V 20A
450W for 4hrs Opeartion Tubelight - 6 Fan - 3
24V 470AH
24V 35A
740W for 4 hrs Operation Tubelight - 15 Fan - 2
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